International Translators' Day on Google

...So....I started my day as usual, in front of the computer, ready to start working on the translation project that was unfinished at 1.00 a.m., but with a feeling of excitement about this special day for all translators.
-"It is International Translation Day and for sure Google would surprise me when I open my browser", I thought. 

To my disappointment, all I could see when I started browsing the Internet was Google's logo. No doodle to remind users of our patron Saint Jerome or to make people aware of the day when we celebrate our profession and of how Translators contribute to international communication in this globalized world. 

It seems that our profession is still struggling for recognition. Not many companies offer the option of "Translator" on drop down lists when you need to specify your profession. In many cases you end up choosing "other", or isn't the case?
Probably, many people believe that speaking a foreign language is a skill that could be acquired without much effort, especially if you have the advantage of being born in a multilingual environment, and therefore, working as a translator is second nature to many.
The work of a translator involves much more than mastering the grammar and vocabulary of different languages. Our main mission is to enable communication between cultures. We are constantly learning about new topics, specific jargon of different professions, diverse software, CAT Tools. We are in the quest for knowledge at all times.
Presently, there is more information available online about the translation industry and about the role that translators play in this world without borders, where only language and communication may become barriers in establishing connections if it was not for the work we do.
Therefore, on this 30th September I would like to wish a Happy day to all Translators, and I hope that next year when I access my Google browser on International Translation Day I could see a Google doodle to honour our profession.

For resources and events related to the Translation Industry, visit the Directorate General for Translation of the European Commission:


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