Friday, 26 February 2016

'Top tips for starting up as a Translator' & 'Perservera y Triunfarás'

Last October 2015 I gave two presentations at The Language Show in Olympia, London. Here I would like to share some of the tweets and pictures from my seminars as well as a link to the Powerpoint files of the topics presented: 'Top tips for starting up as a Translator' & 'Perservera y Triunfarás'

 Great seminar on starting up as a freelance  from . Key lessons: know your worth & stay organised! 
Tip No.1 Join a Professional Association of Translators in the UK
Oct 18 Need to be patient with clients and yourself: results take time, clients may need time to understand how the process works 
Oct 18  Create a sense of urgency when you define your business goals, says  
Not disciplined enough? Try keeping a diary or fill in to-do lists to optimise your time.  
Persevera y triunfarás
Oct 16 great seeing you too! Very inspiring seminars, thank you so much!“Do not think of money but of VALUE when you define your rates”

Marketing is about  and branding is a self-discovery journey 
 Blogging is your CV in a narrative form; the more info your share, the more you are likely to be trusted 
Oct 18 You never know how close you’re of your dreams, so don’t give up   
Oct 21    Thanks for your follow Jaqui your talks at the  were really interesting!
   muy interesante la charla de hoy, muchas gracias! A ver si vienes a  algún domingo! 
If you follow this link to Slideshare, you can have a look at my presentations from October 2015.
Now, in two weeks' time I will be giving a seminar again at The Language Show in Scotland. I will be talking about "Inspiring confidence and Enhancing Credibility" on 12th March at 13.30 in Room 1 of the Scottish Conference and Exhibition Centre, Glasgow. I look forward to seeing you there and to your tweets and comments from this new edition of the #LSLive Show.¡Gracias! ¡Los espero! 
Jaquelina Guardamagna, BA MCIL

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