Friday, 18 November 2011

A day at the Great British Business Show, London.

My badge at the Great British Business Show
Today I have been at the Great British Business Show in Earls Court, London, 'The essential resource for growing, improving and evolving your business' as organizers put it.
After doing some research about exhibitors and seminars, I knew exactly where I wanted to go, but never imagined that other great options would be available on my way. 

As a translator, I thought it would be a great idea to network with translation companies exhibiting at the show. Therefore, they were one of the priorities on my list. Then, I was also interested in attending the 'Growing online Seminar with Tips and Future Trends from Google', since my business is mainly carried out over the Internet. I also wanted to network with other professionals, because these days the networks I develop are mainly online and the chances of meeting people face to face are reduced.

However, after getting into Earls Court Exhibition Centre, I would not have been able to go any further without getting stuck onto a wall. Not an ordinary wall though, the business connections wall at the back of the Hall where I pinned my business card to gather leads interested in Spanish translation, Localization, Interpreting services or even Spanish lessons. It was a good start. (When I left, the wall seemed covered in wallpaper and my card was barely seen but still managed to get an interesting number of prospects)

Surprisingly then I was asked to feature on a video for an Internet service provider... Have not seen the video yet, but I will upload it here or add the link when it is available...Can not wait!!!

After feeling like a TV Celebrity, I headed for the translation companies I wanted to contact...They did not show much interest in talking to me..They were surely interested in getting more clients... not fellow translators... Shame...Perhaps it would have been a better idea to email them my CV instead of trying to get to know them personally.

Then, I had the chance of talking to the Managing Director of a Multinational Company who expressed great interest in the Online SEO and SEM translations I offer...and I believe we will definitely end up in business together. A plus plus...
The  'Growing online Seminar with Tips and Future Trends from Google' was full when I arrived, but I will do some online research to find out what was it all about.

It was time for a break! And 'The law of attraction', or the aromatic smells or the 'flowing energy' led me to the Imago People TV site, just in time for a 'chanting' session?.. Yes! I did not know what I was doing there, or what chanting was... but it felt good, so I decided to join in... Nikki Slade was leading the group and Rachel Elnaugh gave a short talk before the chanting started. At the beginning it felt weird, but then I was into it and whilst stressed people were looking at us as if we were mad, I felt we were growing from within and did not 'mind' (literally)... and in just five minutes I realized how important it was to enjoy life, a moment for your own 'self' and that nothing else mattered... I got a CD from Nikki after the event and when I played it at home I got more relaxed that it! 

Last but not least... time for Speed Networking before heading home... Almost run out of breath after the Speed Networking Session organized by T-Mobile. Exchanged business cards with about twenty people... It was great to talk to everyone and learn about their businesses... I hope I can keep in touch with them through Linkedin or other social networks.

All in all, in addition to the amazing weather we had, the Great British Business Show made my day. A productive, inspiring, relaxing and fun experience in which I was surrounded by high profile and like-minded entrepreneurs that are trying to make the best of their abilities and business spirit to shine during hard economic times.

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